You have embarked on the USS/USCGC Edisto icebreaker website. Home of the Ice Water Sailors.  This website will keep you update on the status of the US Navy and US Coast Guard crewmen that served on the Edisto during her 26 years of service.   Commissioned by the Navy 20 March 1947, Edisto served 19 years and was transferred to the Coast Guard in 1965.  The last Reunion of the ship was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 10-15, 2019.  This was the final reunion of the Edisto Association and as such, the nonprofit Corporation will cease to exist once dissolution papers are filed with the State of Florida.

There were four Navy Wind Class icebreakers, USS Burton Island (AGB-1), USS Edisto (AGB-2), USS Atka (AGB-3), USS Staten Island (AGB-4) and one larger ship, USS Glacier (AGB-4).   All of the Navy icebreakers were transferred to the US Coast Guard commencing with Edisto in 1965.  The remaining icebreakers were transferred in 1966.​

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