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Wind-Class Icebreakers

Once upon a time there were four (4) sister ships; USS Burton Island AG-88/AGB-1, USS Edisto AG-89/AGB2, USS Atka AGB-3 and USS Staten Island AGB-5. All were named after islands. These ships were known as the "Wind Class" Icebreakers that served both the US Navy and the US Coast Guard and in some cases, the United States of Soviet Russia. The Atka and Staten Island were built for the US Coast Guard but were loaned to Russia for a period before being returned to the US Navy. In 1965, the Navy decommissioned the ships and transferred the icebreakers to the US Coast Guard (USCG) where they were renumbered and in some cases renamed to become US Coast Guard Cutters (USCGC). This website is dedicated to all the US Navy and US Coast Guard sailors that sailed on the "Steady Eddy." The pages herein contains information on the status of shipmates who sailed on the USS Edisto AG89/AGB2 during the years of commissioning, 1947-1965 and the USCGC Edisto WAGB-284 from 1965 to 1972. If you have any new information or clues to the whereabouts of missing shipmates, please send them by email to Glenn Smith. One of four powerful icebreakers, the USS Edisto was launched May 29, 1946 by Western Pipe and Steel Co., San Pedro, CA and commissioned as AG-89 by the US Navy on March 20, 1947. She was later reclassified in late 1949 to AGB-2. Named after an island near Charleston, SC, the Edisto sailed the frozen waters of the Arctic and Antarctic continents until decommissioning October 1965, at which time she was transferred to the US Coast Guard and became the US Coast Guard Cutter Edisto WAGB-284 where she remained in service until decommissioning in 1974. She was decommissioned 15 November 1974 then transferred to the GSA and sold 29 September 1977 to Boston Metals Co., who resold her to Union Minerals Company, Carey, NJ and was later dismantled in Baltimore, MD. A visit to our web site will provide an understanding of the camaraderie shared by the men of the USS Edisto. Unlike many of the larger ships, the Icebreaker crews – civilians, officers and enlisted - were a close-knit group that worked side-by-side and shared the same rigors of the frozen Arctic and Antarctic waters. Whether a midshipmen, kiddy-cruiser, 4-year enlistee or a career Salt, completing a northern or southern cruise were life-altering experiences. It is this unique experience that sets an icebreaker sailor apart from other sailors and is the bond that keeps them together. It is these men and their surviving spouse that make up the USS/USCG Edisto Association. Founded in September 2004, the Edisto Association, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation organized exclusively for historical, social, fellowship and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.